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Theme of Our Inaugural Issue: 
Prana, the life force

Prana or the life force is the energy and vitality that permeates all beings in nature. It is the energy which gives essence to all life. This life force is known by different names (Chi, atman, jiva, etc.) in different cultures. But it is the connecting link between the material world and mind. Prana regulates all functions of our body and, thus, reflects the energy that sustains our life. A harmonious flow of Prana echoes a healthy mind and body, whereas, during  illness the Prana levels become low which in turn disrupts the flow of energy in our body.


This is what we have gravely experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is clear we do not understand what the source of this survival instinct is and how it is that beings survive. To comprehend this, we first need to explore what the life force, Prana, Chi or energy really is. Is it air or soul? With the pandemic, our ways of looking at life have completely changed. What is it that is helping us survive and sustain?


In our inaugural issue we invite all writers, researchers, academicians, students, thinkers, corporates and inquisitive beings to examine and share their experiences or research on what is the Prana or life force that flows in us and in what ways can we improve our Prana levels.

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