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SIPs Resonance Accelerator


The SIPs (simple immunity practices) are an interconnected, guided journey involving daily practices to build our physical immunity, emotional strength and personal wisdom. This course is a trove of insightfully curated exercises based on ancient wisdom to bring out our healthiest, "wellthiest" & the wisest selves. 3 Reasons why the SIPs are crucial to every employee’s lifecycle - 1. Surveys by Gallup on ‘Employee well-being and high performance’ suggest that there is a 48% greater likelihood that people with low engagement and wellbeing exit their companies, a 15% greater likelihood that direct reports will be thriving in wellbeing when their manager is thriving in wellbeing and that 7 in 10 Millennials experience some burnout on the job. 2. In the VUCA world and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, all the known parameters of health and well-being have collapsed. Survive and Thrive is the Mantra. The new normal is now focused on ‘Self-Reset’. 3. While the boundaries of personal and professional lives are disappearing, the need for a healthier, wellthier and wiser workforce is at its peak. In this guided journey, you will receive: 1. Relatable, quick learning assets 2. Opportunities to implement the practice every day 3. Additional reading An intuitive journey that guides us to develop OUTWARD – physical and emotional well-being as well as INWARD – becoming one’s wisest self, the SIPs is an all-in-one course you need. Take a step toward your most resonant self today!




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