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Darshan of Dharma: Day 1

The human life is the only life you get. Death is considered an outcome and therefore, to live one’s life to the fullest is the only wise thing to do. In a world full of hatred, and born out of differences, to observe, to think, and to act only as per the rational argument is what science has been telling us. The legacy of the Lokayata is one of a generous approach to faith. Perhaps a healthier world is possible only when people are not afraid of questioning dogmatic belief systems and instead work tirelessly to build a life that creates happiness for all.

Sensual pleasures are the only true purpose of human existence and deny any obligations for an afterlife, or karma. There is, however, a sense of subjective moral principle of avoiding pain and suffering in the process of pleasure. They emphasised on perception/evidence and observation of the real, material world and to subject the inferences thus obtained to doubt. Only thus could the truth be found. Humans are biological animal, satisfaction of the senses is as natural as the satisfaction of hunger or thirst. But because humans are not merely a biological animal, but also a psychological and a moral creature, a rational and a self-conscious person capable of realizing the values, humans should, therefore, instead of falling down to the level of the beast, transform the animal pleasure into human pleasure by means of refinement, discipline, education, culture. It aims to establish a just society .

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