Darshan of Dharma: Day 3

In Jainism, Darshana explains that creation, annihilation and permanence are the three things that characterize reality. All things undergo creation and dissolution of their modes. The term dravya or padartha in Jainism denotes any existence which possesses the significant factor of persistence despite its numerous qualities and modifications. The Jaina theory of reality does not leave room for both an absolute permanence and impermanence. It accepts only the dynamic reality which has the three fundamental characteristics, which are Utpada (origin), vyava (destruction), and dhrauvya (permanence).

Infiniteness in human beings can be achieved by attainment of happiness and/or avoidance of misery. Despite the fact that living creatures engage themselves in the endeavour to attain this goal of infiniteness, it is rarely found that a living creature is able to achieve this goal. Why is it that even after repeated attempts to attain happiness and/or avoid pain, that the attempt made by most creatures fails? The reason could be either a lack of understanding of the main issue or failure to adopt the means for attainment of the goal. In any case, right faith, right knowledge and right conduct are inevitable for the success in achieving one’s goal. The main aim of an individual is ,if at all they expand their horizons of humanness then one has to allow themselves freedom from limitations on themselves, that is, bondage of passion.

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