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Darshan of Dharma: Day 4

Purva Mimamsa is a system which focuses on the power of word and language apart

from the role of rituals in daily life. The aim of the Purva Mimamsa is to supply the

principles according to which the Vedic texts are to be interpreted and to provide

philosophical justification for the views contained therein. The work of finding the

principles for the right interpretation of the Vedic texts was undertaken by the

Brahmanas themselves and mainly by the Shrauta-sutras. Basic focus is the power of

words and language, to arrive at the intuitive reality.

Purva Mimamsa focuses on the role of words and power to enhance changes in daily life.

Mantras as they say are the power which yield desired results. Words have shakti, the

inherent potential to bring out the desired change. Hence language is powerful for

communication and if used appropriately then major issues can be resolved through dialogue.

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