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Your Yoga: Day 0 - Being You

Yoga is reflection of the Self. It is an art of realization. Yoga is creativity. Yoga nurtures and cultures the spheres of human health, emotions, logical and creative spheres. Since each individual is unique, yoga is an opportunity to realize your own uniqueness.

So, how? Life beings are made of three Gunas. However, the three combine and permute in each of us differently. So there are all kinds of individuals and all kinds of the predominant aspects of the Self. All different from one another. Yoga celebrates this unique individuality. This individuality lies in human expression of emotions and cognition and affection, which are the underlyings for base human nature and their connection with each other or other species.

This unique individuality also underpins our search for our own selves, and all our explorations and our journeys. A rational person finds answers in their own rationality. A moral person seeks answers in morality. A creative has their quest of creativity. And all are on par with each other. None is right or wrong. Whatever is, exists in its own space, nourishes its own self. There are no privileges. All have just their own spaces to give to their own selves.

To realize you have a chance. That you are not accidently born but a purposeful act of creation and turn out the best version of your Self is Yoga. To channelize your energy towards making a sattvik impact is Yoga. Loving yourself so you can arrest what you are not, and that is chitta vritti nirodha.

What is left with me is a sense of incompleteness where I live my experience in totality. Acceptance of self is the greatest strength what yoga ensures you have. Yoga is a space wherein one opens up to one’s body, thought and self. In that brokenness I grow, I flourish and I give meaning to my life; clouds break to shower rains, seeds burst to grow into trees. The seed finds its fulfillment with the blooming tree. The cloud finds its fulfillment with the rain.

Yoga is my space for me to burst into my continuous growth and exploration, this is the space for my fulfillment.

Be one with Your Self.

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