Your Yoga: Day 10 - Jnana Yoga

Jnana Yoga is the Yoga of knowledge. Jnana Yoga is the seeking of the knowledge of the Absolute and Manifestation. Jnana Yoga is about understanding how the Infinite, the Absolute, has become the Finite.

The waters of knowledge are the elixir of life. This elixir, is churned like the Mandar parvat which is churned by devas and danavas for amrut. Knowledge is the amrut. This knowledge is what gives eternity and immortality to the individual. Is it cognition of what is and what is not?

How do I know. Information transmuted becomes knowledge. Knowledge churned mutates to wisdom.

And what of the relevance of this knowledge and this wisdom. Where is it relevant How much is relevant and the scope of relevance. Is this Jnana even required or is it even applicable.

I am now accountable to the Jnana which is flowing from me.

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