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Your Yoga: Day 12 - Yoga Marg ~ Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga is the conquering of the internal nature. Raja Yoga is the scientifically worked out method for realization.

All our knowledge is based upon experience. What we call inferential knowledge, in which we go from less to the more general, or from the general to the particular, has experience as its basis. We experience Raja Yoga through the Ashtanga.

I still exist. How do I know? I am still in the body consciousness. This body is the vehicle for the being to manifest. It is the identity, which needs to be retained because still I exist in the world. This is the objective consciousness. There is the presence of the other.

Body language, the grace, the speech reflects the inner me, as I attempt to attain that final state of perception in which I can perceive all the different mental states.

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