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Your Yoga: Day 2 - Ashtanga ~ Niyama

In Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the Niyama are the second limb of the eight limbs of Yoga.

Sadhana Pada Verse 32 lists the niyamas. First is Shaucha - Transparency of mind, speech and body. Second is Santosha - serenity; with which comes contentment, which follows when we accept the others as they are. Tapas - Discipline, the third in line is limiting one self. It the setting boundaries for one self. Svadhyay - self-analysis, introspection & reflection, the fourth in progression is being persistent in one course of work. And, Ishwar Pranidhana - surrender or submission to your own (higher) purpose, the fifth of the discipline is on self, are the five principles to be pristinely followed.

Reorienting oneself to a new version to release one’s own blockages, is purity. Thereafter, a sense of self-acceptance of who/what I am becomes easy and graceful. The first two - Shaucha & Santosha require will of persistence effort, and determination to achieve it. Every step of the becoming is self-reflective. The I itself manifests as the subject of self-study. The I embeds itself in its own vision to lead your life from your own convictions, and you yourself will align to emerging into an Absolute state.

Practising the Niyama is alignment with your own truer, higher Self & its purpose.

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