Your Yoga: Day 4 - Ashtanga ~ Pranayama

Pranayama is the life principle, and the principle of the life force.

To get into the mode of flow of the flowing is what Pranayama is. The Prana is as invisible within you as your self-worth is, and just as omnipotent and life-deciding.

In flow is a great deal of control. Not rush, gush & burst, but to gracefully flow. As the harmony of the Prana plays, a sense of self-worth then emerges which you express and manifest all through your life.

Prana is your survival instinct. It is the principle of living; the existential factor, which belongs to you alone, and lies entirely within your span of scape - weaving through the interplay of food, sleep, exercise/ breath, meditation. The Prana reposes itself in the Puraka (inhalation), the Kumbhaka (retention) & Rechaka (exhalation); and dances through the eternal dimensions of space, number and time.

My life force directs and redirects me to my perceived and unperceived goals. The excitement, enthusiasm & exploration then is to feel the flow of the Self and harmonise it to your own.

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