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Your Yoga: Day 5 - Ashtanga ~ Pratyahara

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Pratyahara is a point of balance.

The practice of Pratyahara is the practice of the voluntary withdrawal of the senses from engagement. Pratyahara is the expression of choice of the engagement of the Manas - the senses with which we experience and transact with our worlds.

In compelling to do and repelling not, to do is where a point of balance is required. Whence once has evolved in life experiences, the point of balance shifts. The vital energy of the breath provides this strength of the choice of withdrawal.

This personal strength recalibrates at every point according to one’s external conditions. An individual recognizes this in relation to others. To shift is not to divert but to adjust according to the given set of conditions. When one recognizes the conditions, the individual recognizes too their choice - to act, or not to act.

Pratyahara is that practice of conscious consumption, that allows for that balance of vital energy whereby I am what I am.

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