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Your Yoga: Day 8 - Ashtanga ~ Samadhi (The Unchallenged)

Samadhi is the unchallenged state of the union with the Self- it is the stage of Kaivalya.

Here I know myself. Through the various stages of Samadhi, I also regain all the lost subjectivity, and discover what mindfulness is. I am aware of every single action of my body, my speech, my mind. Manifest in that moment in totality is what is the lost subjectivity is.

There is neither any existential crisis of identity nor any doubts about my existence. This is the state of doubtlessness. There is no intentionality. There is a state of realization of yoga consciousness. Needless to say the end is towards a new beginning. Death is rebirth; you have to die for a rebirth.

I am born to give out to the world a new vision. In Samadhi a new me is born.

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