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Your Yoga: Day 9 - Yoga Marg ~ Karma

Yoga allows you to Be. Yoga only insists that you be true only to you. Yoga lets you find yourself only if you practice that which answers your calling from within.

And if your calling be that of Karma, action, you will find knowledge and grace in work, kri - to do.

My action and I become one, there is non- duality. The actions I perform become the singular expression through which I discover love through my life. In fact, this nurturing is initiated around the age of 8, which is when children start showing their inclination towards the path they want to tread. Listen and observe carefully.

Identity reveals itself. This identity, if given by the karya, the individual performs. This is the yoga of Karma. I should not perform against my will. Or else I will do injustice to myself, which will then reflect in me being in a state of perpetual conflict with myself. And as I embrace myself, the process of Karma starts.

First, it is feeling, then it becomes willing, and out of that willing comes the tremendous force for work that will go through every vein and nerve and muscle, until the whole mass of your body is changed into an instrument of the unselfish Yoga of work, and the desired result of perfect self-abnegation and utter unselfishness is duly attained.

It is always better to reward yourself with the action where your will wills. The inner will is always the auspicious will, enhancing and nurturing growth and expanding the horizons of the being.

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