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Your Yoga: Day 14 - Antahkarana ~ Aham

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Ahamkar, Aham is the Ego Consciousness.

Humans beings - these beautiful creations have been gifted with the sense of individuality and identity. The Buddhi is the sensibility of identity. Identity of self, of the Subject, of the other, of the object. Manas is Intelligence. This is the seat of creative rationality. Ahamkara, the ego consciousness, creates the awareness of all my sensations, I feel, I know this. On one hand there is the Manas rapture of the aesthetics, But on other hand is the Ahamkara, the highhanded ego which subdues our creativity. We forget the difference between the subject and the object, and hence arises suffering.

This Ahamkara could originate in Tamas, Rajas or Sattva. The Tamasic Ahamkara is highly egoistic. Rajasic Ahamkara is highly active. The Sattvik Ahamkara is what initiates the difference between the subject and object.

However, understanding this difference between the subject and the object is humanly extremely difficult, and challenges our own notions of individuality and identity, our own very human existence itself is challenged.

It is only over time, and through deep Sadhana, that we reach the state of Sattvic Ahamkara, that we are able to comprehend how and what to retain and leave the rest.

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