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Your Yoga: Day 6 - Ashtanga ~ Dharana

Dharana is the holding steady and concentration on my choices. Dharana is the ekagra of the ekagra chitta.

Dharna is the acceptance and subsumption of the object of attention and concentration.

In this role playing and diversifying the focus on one object, one’s own enhancement gets diversified. We immerse ourselves in this expansion. Expansion is exploration. Exploration of the I over time and space. I, that is still am in the process of deciding what to do and not to do. What choices I must make or not make.

What is it that I am deciding on? Why I choose what I do. What is the depth of my strength that I want to express. My goal decides my path or my path decides my goal. My explorations are also a point of balance.

I focus. I am steady. I explore. I dive deep.

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